Posted 4 days ago

Redrawing something from a couple of years ago. At the moment, I should be studying for my exam but I wanted to draw her again. xD

Someone told me that this piece (along with two others) would be used for a High School Art Report. I felt honored to draw this for them. :)

Posted 1 week ago

April 2014 Update

So far I have written a few drafts of Chapter 1 for the Web comic and have a couple of designs completed (though I still need to perfect them a bit.) I wanna be able to take a little more time building it up before I start posting.

Ideally, I’d love to post 3 pages a week for a year and continue in consistency. I know that for a Web comic (and art blogs in general), it’s crucial to keep it going otherwise your audience loses interest and leave.

It’s pretty clear that proper preparation is key. I don’t like it when I goof, so It’ll take some time before I start creating the final art.

In the meantime, I may work on some drawings, doodles and some practice art just for fun.

Anything you guys wanna see? :D

Posted 1 week ago

Drawing at the theater last Thursday. :3 #doublefeature

Posted 3 weeks ago

I drew Keichoo but I forgot to draw his scabbards and pistol shots. D: I was half way through the inkings when I realized “Wait a second, where do those wires connect to?”

In my mind though, I see that there was an attack outside and his gear gets busted making him leave it. Yet even though he doesn’t have it, he’s gonna fight anyway. I honestly see him doing that.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Poison Ivy. :D

Posted 3 weeks ago

It’s the BAT! Dx

Posted 1 month ago

March Update (2014)

I have plans for starting a web comic. Whether or not I come through, we shall see.

It’s been an thing I’ve been wanting to do for months. Ever since I ended the pony comic “The Doctor’s Visit” in December, I had this desire to make original work that people can see on the interwebz. In working on it, I’ve come to see how I can develop a work ethic as well as maintain consistency in posting pages on a set time table. (Yep, I’ve never missed a post. So FAR though.)

I’ve mostly inspired by other web comics that I’ve enjoyed over the years and I guess their passion sorta rubbed off on me. As I go through these plans, I pray for encouragement from friends and those that support my work thus far.

Earlier this year I did mention another pony comic that I was planning on with a friend.  We actually had about weeks worth of strips planned with a friend before we began to announce it with two of them finalized and ready for posting. Yet there was a nagging sense in my heart that made me feel like I should head on a different direction. The reason why I decided not to do it was, well I felt like I’d grow more as an artist if I began working on stuff that would challenge my skill. Hopefully, I made the right choice in doing so.

I look forward to being able to make awesome stuff for everyone to see in the near future. Also any advice and support is more than welcome.

Thank you.

Posted 1 month ago

My readings for the next few weeks. :)

Posted 1 month ago

Avalanche! :D

Took a bit of time to for this one. Mostly cuz of on and off things like school and stuff. xD I thought this drawing to be a fun one. :) Mostly just to create just to relax and practice.

Posted 1 month ago

Yeah, Deadpool and Loki. xD